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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Who teamed up with Zucchero on the 1991 hit 'Senza Una Donna'?
Question 2
What is the full name of Lebanese star Divanessa?
Question 3
When was Ismail el-Belbisi's prime time of production?
Question 4
Finish the band name, Yo La ______.
Question 5
Mama Cass Elliott died in what year?
Question 6
Which band recorded the song 'Decode', which featured on the 'Twilight' soundtrack?
Question 7
What made Culture Club break up in late 1986?
Question 8
Which actor appeared in the Kate Bush music video Cloudbursting?
Question 9
In what year did Bob Dylan release the album 'Empire Burlesque'?
Question 10
In what country has the hard rock duo B'z released 45 consecutive number-one singles and sold more than 79 million records?
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