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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Who was played in a 2005 bio-pic by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and in a bio-pic the next year by Toby Jones?
Question 2
Which 1990s film gave John Travolta his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor?
Question 3
In which movie does Cruella de Ville appear?
Question 4
Who earned the Indian title in Dances With Wolves in 1990?
Question 5
Which of the following films was the highest-grossing movie on opening day?
Question 6
How many children do The Waltons have?
Question 7
Which futuristic space ranger featured in the film Toy Story?
Question 8
Who starred in the film 'Enigma' (2001)?
Question 9
In what year was 'Scarface' staring Al Pacino, released?
Question 10
Who is the narrator of The Royal Tenenbaums?
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