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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Mamerto Urriolagoitía was deposed by a military coup in which country in 1951?
Question 2
Who sang the famous song Pretty (1978)?
Question 3
What is the name of the famous cosmetics company - Estée what?
Question 4
Where has a vehicle with OX at the start of its number plate been registered?
Question 5
Who sang the famous song Fruit Tree (1969)?
Question 6
Which of these could be described as a triangle on the end of a rectangle?
Question 7
Who sang the famous song "You Made Me Believe In Magic" (1977)?
Question 8
What is 27% in decimal form?
Question 9
The protests which followed the disputed presidential elections of 2009 in Iran were linked to which colour?
Question 10
Who sang the famous song The Fertile Rock (1994)?
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