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15 Sudden End Questions

Question 1 of 15
In the animated film Finding Nemo, what exactly is Nemo?
Question 2 of 15
Who was the Prime Minister of France in 1975?
Question 3 of 15
Who was the first person to walk on the moon in 1969?
Question 4 of 15
Who starred with Beyonce in the movie 'The Pink Panther'?
Question 5 of 15
What sea has shores on Europe, Asia and Africa?
Question 6 of 15
Which formula represents 196 less than y?
Question 7 of 15
Which of these US state capitals is the smallest?
Question 8 of 15
Which film is based on the Regency Crisis of 1718?
Question 9 of 15
Which British politician made a famous "Rivers of Blood" speech in 1968?
Question 10 of 15
With which series of films do you associate with the phrase Ooh Matron
Question 11 of 15
1560+1044+528 equals what number?
Question 12 of 15
Which world leader's wife released an album in 2008, one of the tracks comparing her husband to 'Class A drugs'?
Question 13 of 15
Who succeeded Sir Anthony Eden as Foreign Secretary on February 20th 1938?
Question 14 of 15
Who recorded his debut single 'That's All Right?' in 1954?
Question 15 of 15
In which decade was Evonne Goolagong winning tennis majors?

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